Suspected impostor monk spotted begging for money at Tai Po Hui Market Cooked Food Centre


26th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A purported monk was spotted begging for money in at Tai Po Hui Market Cooked Food Centre yesterday. However, instead of asking for food or other necessities, the alleged monk was seen approaching diners for money. A netizen shared pictures of the incident, which sparked controversy among online users.

Begging for alms is a long-standing tradition in Buddhism, where monks and nuns rely on the support of laypeople for their daily needs. The practice is rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, who urged his followers to lead a simple life without possessions and to share resources with others.

However, the alleged monk’s behaviour has raised concerns about the authenticity of his status as a monk. Many online users were sceptical of his intentions and questioned whether he was a genuine monk or a fraud. Some suggested that he may be using the guise of a monk to scam people out of their money.