Suspected fight involving man and woman caught on MTR train


27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 21-second video clip has been circulating online, showing a suspected fight that occurred inside an MTR train carriage. The time and location of the incident are unknown, but the footage captured a barefoot woman in a pink jumpsuit with a tattoo on the back of her neck, vigorously struggling with a man in black clothing. A pink handbag, a shoe, and an umbrella were scattered on the floor.

A woman in blue repeatedly tried to intervene, pleading with the woman in pink to stop fighting, but her efforts were in vain. Two male passengers took turns to dissuade the woman from fighting, saying “don’t fight”, “stop it”, “it’s not right to fight”, and “stop it now”. In the background, a female voice can be heard suggesting that the scattered items be picked up quickly.

The woman in pink angrily asked, “Who started this fight?” as she waved her shoe around, almost hitting the woman in blue who was trying to stop the fight. The woman eventually stopped fighting after receiving further persuasion and picked up the scattered items before leaving the train carriage.

According to police reports, a female tourist, surnamed Yuan, aged 37, reported an incident in the train carriage on 26th March at around 2pm. She claimed that during the train ride, she accidentally hit a man with her handbag, which led to a dispute between them. The man allegedly pushed her head three times, causing her to lose balance and fall. The suspect got off the train at MTR Admiralty Station and fled. The victim suffered a headache and was sent to hospital for examination.

The police have yet to determine whether the incident caught on camera and the reported case are related. However, MTR staff assisted the victim in reporting the case, and investigations are ongoing.