How to survive on Valentine’s Day

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    Many would agree that February 14th is just another day for retailers, florists and restaurants to capitalise on the Hallmark holiday and if you are truly in love, you don’t need to show your love in public in a restaurant as you would be affectionate to each other every day.

    The pressure to create a special occasion frequently ends up causing people to plan something splashy that doesn’t necessarily align with their authentic self and even if people want a splash and get it, that can lead to a bit of an unexpected let down afterwards.Valentine’s Day also just taps on an already sensitive nerve. The holiday can really fall flat for unhappy couples, who may use V-Day as a Band-Aid to their underlying disconnection — but one day of chocolates and roses won’t fix the cracks in your relationship.

    Experts seem to agree that you should just be yourself on Valentine’s Day, whatever that may mean — alone, with your partner (if you have one), or with multiple partners. But at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is just another day that comes with waves of positive and negative emotions. Here are a few things you can do or tell yourself if you’re feeling low on Valentine’s Day.

    Expensive dinners are too mainstream

    Most couples are affected by peer pressure to organise expensive dinners during this day. You don’t need to aggrandise the florists nor the restauranteurs on the V-day who normally hype up the price unscrupulously.  You can instead suggest a half-and-half scenario that makes sense for you both. Well, we all still need to eat whether it’s V-day or not, go to a Chinese or Korean restaurant, make your own little gifts (do a sketch or painting of both of you if you possess the talent)  if you feel the urge to do it. Communications between a couple are more crucial than a blue Tiffany box.

    Stick to your normal routine or hang out with friends

    You can have a normal routine on Valentine’s Day as it is not really a day off at work. Go to the gym as usual or  you can choose to surround yourself with single or couple friends you love. A hotpot gathering at TST may bring joy and laughter alike. Remember, it’s all in the mind, your true friends will not be judgemental on your relationship status.

    Family time on V-day

    If you really need companies, you should perhaps indulge a dinner with parents in a cozy family restaurant instead of paying through the nose for the valentine’s dinners. Family would always love to hear from you.


    Volunteering feels good

    Romantic love is not the only type that you can participate in during Valentine’s Day, you can instead give someone love by volunteering at an old folks home or do something for the needy. It’s all about feeling good.

    Drinking is not the antidote

    Do not get carried away by drinking during the V-Day. A glass of wine may do no harm but alcohol is a depressant, so if you’re not finding something enjoyable and drinking, you might want to stop.

    Romance can happen on other days and special occasions 

    There are 364 other days that you can choose to show someone that you care about them. Things are overpriced and busier on Valentine’s Day, so just pick another night to do something unique. Remember, you will have each other’s birthdays and anniversary dates as you can cherish these days more because they are more meaningful to both of you.

    Being single means freedom

    There is nothing lame about really embracing the fact that you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a healthy relationship with yourself!  Find parties and events, and go to one with a group of friends or alone. Meeting new people will always instil positive thoughts and happiness.  Remember, in life, we will have always moments when we are attached and there will be times we are in solitude. Surround yourself with people and activities.

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