Survey finds growing gloominess, anxiety among the French


Xinhua News

25th November 2022 – (Paris) The number of French people who believe they are happy in life has fallen sharply amid the ongoing energy crisis and dwindling purchasing power, according to the results of an online survey presented by French research and consulting firm Elabe on Thursday.

Only 68 percent of the respondents said they were happy, which represents a decline of 11 percentage points from October 2021, the company said.

The survey also showed that 44 percent of the respondents are facing financial difficulties and must cut their spending to make ends meet, while 56 percent don’t see any deterioration in their situation.

Many of the participants of survey also expressed concerns about their future, especially with regards their health, physical safety, and the consequences of climate change.

Overall, 69 percent of the respondents think that their country has been moving backwards, according to the survey.