Surge at border crossings as Hong Kong marks Buddha’s birthday with day trip fervour


15th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s border crossings witnessed substantial queues today as locals seized the opportunity to travel north during the one-day public holiday for Buddha’s birthday. The Luohu and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HZM) Bridge crossings were particularly congested, illustrating the unyielding enthusiasm for cross-border travel, despite the brief holiday period.

From early morning, Luohu border saw lengthy queues, extending wait times significantly compared to regular days. Normally a 10 to 15-minute crossing could take about 30 minutes due to the sharp increase in travellers. The transportation department reported that by mid-afternoon, the parking lot at Sha Tau Kok control point was at full capacity, underscoring the heavy northbound traffic.

Similarly, the HZM Bridge experienced severe congestion. Law enforcement in Macao indicated that by late morning, the departure lanes were heavily congested, advising travellers to consider alternative routes during peak times. The situation eased slightly by the afternoon, but a spike in traffic volumes was expected again in the evening as travellers headed back to Zhuhai.