Supermarket ordered to pay 169,000 yuan to woman who suffered fracture after stepping on cherries scattered on the ground


29th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A woman in Beijing fell when she accidentally stepped on some cherries scattered on the ground while shopping in a supermarket. She suffered right patella fracture as a result and was identified as “Grade 10 disability“. She then sued the supermarket involved. The court recently made a judgment that the supermarket involved must pay 169,000 yuan in compensation. According to Mainland media reports, the Beijing woman surnamed Zhang slipped when she stepped on a cherries on the ground while shopping in a supermarket in July 2018. Zhang was sent to the hospital by supermarket staff, and was diagnosed with a fractured right patella. The supermarket paid 20,000 yuan for medical expenses.

In August 2020, Zhang underwent a second surgical treatment. As of February 2022, the Beijing Longsheng Communications Accident Judicial Expertise Office issued an appraisal stating that Zhang’s injury and disability level was tenth, and the disability rate was 10%. Recently, the Beijing court ruled that the supermarket should bear 70% of the responsibility, and Zhang should bear 30% of the fault. The court ruled that the supermarket must compensate Ms. Zhang for more than 160,000 yuan in economic losses. The court also pointed out that the obligation of safety protection in public places is appropriate, and it is not necessary for the operator to compensate as long as an accident occurs in a public place. Operators should provide safety education for employees, and when accidents are discovered, they should be dealt with in time to eliminate them in time to prevent subsequent accidents.