Super Typhoon Mawar poses threat to Southern China as it moves towards Luzon, temperatures to reach extreme levels in HK early next week


28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has issued a warning about the potential impact of Super Typhoon Mawar, which is currently located over the western North Pacific and expected to move in the general direction of the seas east of Luzon today and tomorrow. While there are uncertainties in the subsequent movement of Mawar, current forecasts suggest a higher chance of the typhoon turning northwards in the vicinity of the Luzon Strait and Taiwan.

According to the Observatory, the anticyclone aloft will bring generally fine and hot weather to the coast of southern China today. Under the influence of its outer subsiding air, it will be very hot over southern China early to midweek this week, with temperatures reaching extreme levels (generally 35 degrees Celsius or above). Showers and thunderstorms triggered by high temperatures are also expected to affect the region, along with swells over the coastal waters.

Computer models generally predict that a break will appear in the subtropical high pressure ridge early next week. While most computer models predict that Mawar will move towards the Luzon Strait and Taiwan, some predict that it will enter the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday. Path probability forecasts also show that Mawar may move into the northeastern part of the South China Sea to the Taiwan Strait.

The Observatory has warned people to be prepared for extreme heat and sudden weather changes and to take necessary precautions. If planning outdoor activities midweek thisweek, it is important to monitor the weather closely.

As of 10am, Super Typhoon Mawar was centred approximately 860 kilometres east-northeast of Manila, and it is expected to move west-northwest at a speed of about 15 kilometres per hour. While the typhoon’s path remains uncertain, its potential impact on the southern coast of China is a cause for concern.

Picture source: Hong Kong Observatory