Sudden death of long-time owner shocks neighbours at dry seafood shop on Cheung Sha Wan Road


28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mr. Hoi, the male owner of a local dry seafood shop on Cheung Sha Wan Road, was found dead inside his shop after being absent for several days. Concerned neighbours had reported his absence to the authorities, which led to the grim discovery. The incident has left the community buzzing with speculation, particularly regarding the absence of Mr. Hoi’s wife and two children, who have not been seen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was noted that even after the border restrictions were lifted, Mr. Hoi continued to manage the shop single-handedly, often dining out for his meals. Therefore, his sudden absence from the shop and lack of any outings raised eyebrows among the locals, only to uncover the tragic news of his untimely demise within the premises.

One grocery store owner expressed astonishment at the news, remarking, “He was perfectly fine and energetic just a week ago. He used to come by every day, and we would chat. He never had any health issues, at least not that we were aware of. He was older than us, but still very lively.” While Mr. Hoi’s wife used to assist with the shop’s operations in earlier years, in recent times, he had been solely responsible for running the business, primarily selling Chinese medicinal herbs, with occasional visits from customers for cigarette purchases.

Staff at a local cha chaan teng also expressed their surprise at Mr. Hoi’s absence, stating, “He used to come here every day for breakfast, but we haven’t seen him for several days now. It’s quite strange.” They further revealed that Mr. Hoi had a son and a daughter, but the three family members had not been seen even before the pandemic and had not reappeared since the border restrictions were lifted.

Another dry seafood seller on Cheung Sha Wan Road, shared that he was not familiar with Mr. Hoi personally, but he learned about the tragic incident through the local community. According to his understanding, Mr. Hoi resided in the back of the shop, with a living area on the premises. In the past, he lived with his wife and daughter, and later they had a son. However, no one had seen the family of three since the pandemic began. Mr. Hoi, aged 68, operated the seafood shop at Ground Floor, 19 Cheung Sha Wan Road, living in a loft above the shop. He had been dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar for over a decade. Mr. Hoi had maintained good relations with neighbouring shops and residents. Nearby shop owners noticed that Mr. Hoi had not been seen at his shop since the 22nd of this month. Multiple attempts to contact him, including knocking on the door and making phone calls, went unanswered. Concerned, the neighbouring shop owners decided to report the matter to the authorities. The fire department subsequently broke into the shop and found Mr. Hoi lying lifeless near the staircase. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. After conducting an investigation, the police concluded that there was no suspicion of foul play and classified the case as a “body discovered” incident.