Student members of HKIAD meet Lord Chris Patten, former HK Governor and attend seminar held in UK Parliament


11th September 2019 – (London) The Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation (HKIAD)

Members of the HKIAD met up with the former Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Chris Patten recently. They discussed the current situation of Hong Kong and expressed their views as students. In response, Lord Chris Patten vouched his support for Hong Kongers and they claimed that Lord Chris Patten backs their plea as follow:

  1. UK government should grant greater rights to BNO holders.
  2. UK government should use the Global Magnitsky Act to sanction officials who severely undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong.

The main mission of the Delegation is to mobilise support for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019. The Delegation’s role is to ensure swift passing of the Act at the US Congress to establish a legally binding mechanism in protection of Hong Kong’s autonomy from Chinese Communist manipulation. They arrange meetings with Consulate-General in Hong Kong from various countries, as well as disparate parties including foreign students’ unions, civil societies, politicians and overseas Hong Kongers, together with consultations at local universities to collect students’ opinions towards the working plan of the Delegation.

Meanwhile, Joey Siu, Sunny Cheung and Kex Leung of the HKIAD also attended the seminar held by the Hong Kong Watch in the UK Parliament. They called upon the UK Government to declare a breach by China of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and they made few suggestions,

  1. Introduce Global Magnitsky Style Act sanction on individuals who infringe autonomy, freedom and basic human rights of Hongkongers;
  2. Grant more rights to British Nationals (Overseas).

Fiona Bruce MP, Catherine West MP and Steve Double MP also showed their solidarity with Hong Kongers.