Student flash mob appears at HKU campus to protest against removal of Pillar of Shame sculpture


17th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) On the 22nd of December, the University of Hong Kong dismantled the “Pillar of Shame” that had been placed on the campus for many years. A student flash mob appeared on the campus today (17th) to lay flowers and leaflets protesting against the school’s removal of the pillar. The flowers and flyers were cleared by the university staff a few minutes later.

It is reported that some students informed some media outlets that there would be a protest action at the University of Hong Kong at 6 o’clock this evening, but the scene remained calm until 7 o’clock and only some leaflets were found. They were again taken away by university officials.

At 7.30pm today, there were some people who gathered near outside the Academic Courtyard of the Centennial Campus and they left some propaganda leaflets with the words “OUR HKU”, “The people will not forget”, “Pillar gone. Shame still” and “Freedom of speech”. Some smashed dragon fruits were also left on the ground by 8-10 people. Not long after, several security personnel rushed to the scene and instructed the cleaning staff to clean up.

The original site of the Pillar of Shame has been converted into a resting area. The location is currently covered with wooden floors, and there are 5 pebble-shaped seats and 3 similar-shaped planters. This area is still enclosed.