Strong Wind Signal No. 3 will be issued tonight, typhoon signal No. 8 may be hoisted tomorrow


11th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory expects that the Strong Wind Signal No. 3 will be issued tonight to replace the current monsoon signal. It is predicted that the wind will be further strengthened tomorrow (12th) and Wednesday (13th), reaching gale intensity, and the tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 may be hoisted.

Under the combined effect of the northeast monsoon and Tropical Cyclone Kompasu, local winds are generally fresh northerlies, strong offshore. According to the present forecast track, Kompasu will come within 800 kilometres of Hong Kong overnight tonight (11th October). The Observatory will issue tropical cyclone warning signal, to replace the Strong Monsoon Signal shortly afterwards. Under the influence of a dry northeast monsoon, the weather is currently fine in Hong Kong, but with Kompasu moving across the northern part of the South China Sea and edging closer to Hong Kong, the local weather is expected to deteriorate later tomorrow (12th October). Winds may also further strengthen. Kompasu is expected to skirt around 400 kilometres to the south of the territory early on Wednesday. Winds may reach gale force over some areas in the territory and there may be widespread rainstorms with squalls. Showers associated with Kompasu will continue to affect the coast of Guangdong in the latter part of this week. Members of the public should pay close attention to the latest weather information from the Observatory and the change in weather in the next few days. People planning for outdoor activities and grave sweeping need to prepare backup or contingency plans depending on the situation.