Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 may replace Gale or Storm Signal, No. 8 in early part of the afternoon today


9th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) Lionrock’s circulation is rather broad. Under its combined effect with the northeast monsoon, strong to gale force winds prevail over Hong Kong, with occasional storm force winds on the high ground over the southwestern part of Hong Kong.

According to the latest announcement by Hong Kong Observatory at 8.45am today, the Gale or Storm Signal, No. 8 is expected to remain in force this morning. Local winds are expected to moderate slightly in the afternoon. Depending on the wind conditions, the Observatory will consider issuing the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 to replace the Gale or Storm Signal, No. 8 in the early part of the afternoon.

Storm surge induced by Lionrock and heavy rain may lead to flooding in low-lying areas. Members of the public should take precautions against strong winds and flooding. Besides, Lionrock will bring squalls. Seas will be rough with swells. Members of the public should stay away from the shoreline, and not to engage in water sports.

In the past hour, the maximum sustained winds recorded at Ngong Ping, Cheung Chau and Tate’s Cairn were 93, 75 and 67 kilometres per hour with maximum gusts 124, 87 and 91 kilometres per hour respectively.

The Transport Department announced that services of the Vehicle Examination Centres will be suspended as the No.8 gale or storm signal is now in force.

Meanwhile, the MTR announced that railways and MTR buses are maintaining limited services, but the frequency is relatively sparse. Three hours after the issuance of Signal No. 8, that is, at 9.40am, MTR bus services will cease. The MTR also stated that it has sent additional staff to step up inspections of overhead cables and tracks, and carry out emergency repairs when necessary and under safe conditions. If the weather deteriorates or the Observatory issues a higher tropical cyclone warning signal, the railway and MTR bus services in the open section will be immediately suspended without prior notice.