Street singer Oliver Ma found not guilty of nuisance for singing anti-extradition song in Central last year


23rd February 2021 – (Hong Kong) 21-year-old Chinese and Filipino street singer Oliver Ma sang the English version of the anti-extradition song “May Glory return to Hong Kong” in Central in July last year. During the period, he was complained of making noise and public nuisance in front of the cinema on Queen’s Road between 12pm and 12.50pm on 8th July, 2020.

During the period, someone complained to police and he was prosecuted by the police. Ma denied the two charges of legal nuisance as a result of noise pollution caused by musical instrument and noise pollution caused by loudspeakers.

Deputy Magistrate Patrick Tsang of the Eastern District Court ruled today that he was not guilty of both charges today (23). He alleged that the man who lodged a complaint with the police had exaggerated his statement. The court could not confirm that the defendant made noise at the time indicated in the summons. Therefore, he was ordered to be exonerated.

After being released, Ma said that he believed that the case was related to his singing of anti-extradition song. He is now an online singer, and it is unknown whether he will sing on the streets in the future.