Street fight in Wan Chai as woman in tank top fights back against attacker


6th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video capturing a street altercation in Wan Chai has gone viral on social media. The 1-minute and 21-second clip shows a woman wearing a revealing tank top engaged in a phone conversation at the intersection of Luard Road and Lockhart Road. Suddenly, a muscular man dressed in black strikes her head twice from behind. In response to the attack, the woman fiercely fights back, using her handbag as a weapon, and hurling it towards the assailant. However, the man retaliates with a barrage of punches, leaving the woman defenceless, causing her to flail her arms and grab her bag to throw at him.

Undeterred, the woman pursues the attacker as he attempts to leave the scene. She confidently adopts a fighting stance, executing a swift kick towards the man’s direction, and grabs nearby objects from the ground, hurling them at him. The man, seemingly intimidated by the woman’s resilience, changes course and retreats in the opposite direction. Nonetheless, the woman continues her pursuit, grabbing a broom and forcefully striking the man’s head. He retaliates with punches while slowly retreating.

Throughout the altercation, bystanders witness the intense battle and attempt to intervene by offering words of advice. However, the woman continues to fight and hurl insults, while the man crosses the road and sprints towards Causeway Bay. Undeterred, the woman persistently chases after him, and eventually, both individuals disappear from the camera’s view, bringing the video to an end.

The video has sparked widespread attention and discussion on social media platforms, with netizens commending the woman’s bravery and determination in defending herself against the attacker. Many have praised her resourcefulness in utilizing everyday objects as makeshift weapons during the confrontation.