Street confrontation between young man and older gentleman in Mong Kok turns vulgar


17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A heated altercation between a young man and an older gentleman unfolded on the streets of Mong Kok. The incident allegedly stemmed from a collision between the two parties, leading to a tense standoff with both individuals trading verbal insults and threats.

The video, uploaded to a local Tai Po Facebook group, captured the scene as darkness fell upon Bute Street in Mong Kok. The confrontation involved a young man dressed in white and an older man wearing a white vest. Their aggressive posturing indicated a willingness to escalate the situation physically. However, the young man’s girlfriend intervened, positioning herself between the two men, pushing her boyfriend away, and covering his mouth in an attempt to defuse the tension. She also extended an apology to the older gentleman, hoping to bring an end to the conflict.

Despite these efforts, the older man persisted, hurling vulgar insults and questioning why the young man’s girlfriend was interfering. He exclaimed, “Why did your damn woman stop me?” In response, the young man retorted, “Stop? What am I stopping now? I’m perfectly fine!” Throughout the confrontation, the girlfriend continuously pushed her boyfriend away and urged him to remain calm.

At this point, the older man’s female companion decided to call the police, alleging that the incident occurred on Bute Street. Meanwhile, the older man continued to advance towards the young man, continuing his barrage of insults and accusing the girlfriend of touching him. The young man, bewildered, questioned, “She touched you?” Sensing the futility of the argument, the girlfriend resorted to covering her boyfriend’s mouth with her hand, imploring him to remain silent and maintain composure.

However, the older man persisted in his verbal assault, repeatedly berating the young man with vulgar language, calling him “a foul-mouthed person.” Unable to tolerate the provocation any longer, the young man forcefully shook off his girlfriend’s hand and retorted, “Who’s the foul-mouthed one here?” The exchange continued, with the older man insisting on reviewing the CCTV footage to determine who was at fault. Throughout the video, the girlfriend whispered to her boyfriend, urging him to keep quiet. The confrontation remained unresolved as the footage concluded.

The video quickly sparked a fervent discussion among netizens, with some commenters dismissing the altercation as pointless and predicting that it would not escalate to physical violence. Others praised the quick thinking and intervention of the young man’s girlfriend, commending her for preventing a potentially more serious conflict. Comments such as “She successfully prevented her boyfriend from getting into trouble” and “He’s lucky to have a girlfriend like her” flooded the comment section.