Steve Lee Ka-ding, 76-year-old veteran actor, admits to being a virgin at 26 on TVB cooking show

Steve Lee Ka Ding

28th April 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent episode of TVB’s cooking show, 76-year-old veteran actor and chef Steve Lee Ka-ding revealed that he was still a “virgin” at 26 years old, which led to playful teasing from Maria Cordero. He explained that his martial arts master had warned him that getting too close to women would weaken his skills and that his first time would drain his energy. Despite this, Steve’s confession highlights his pure and innocent side, with his romantic history being almost non-existent.

Steve Lee Ka-ding, a Hong Kong actor, martial arts instructor, and horseback riding coach, is currently under a basic artist contract with TVB. He is also an actor and the action and horseback riding instructor for TVB. Steve was previously married to former artist Shi Ming, and they have twin sons, both of whom are in the entertainment industry. Steve started his horseback riding training in his early twenties and has since won over 200 awards in various international competitions, including the renowned “IBG International Business Equestrian Competition” and the “FEI International Equestrian Obstacle Course Competition.” His fierce and skilllful riding style, combined with his competitive spirit, earned him the nickname “Crazy Steve” among his foreign competitors.

Lee originally planned to participate in the Olympics, but the high cost of purchasing and training horses for competitions, combined with the lack of official or private sponsorship for equestrian athletes, made it impossible for him to continue. Nonetheless, he remains active as a horseback riding instructor, with famous artist Kelly Chen having once been his student. Steve’s background is one of wealth and privilege, with his father, Li Zhuo Yun, being a wealthy landowner in Guangzhou involved in the food, flour, soy sauce, and silk industries. Steve’s grandfather was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and his aunt was a top obstetrician in Guangzhou Hospital. However, due to the land reform movement when Steve was eight years old, all of his family’s assets were confiscated, and they were forced to flee to Hong Kong. It wasn’t until he was a summer worker at the age of 15 or 16 that Steve met his martial arts master, Kwan Ching-leung, and began learning martial arts. He officially entered the entertainment industry in 1965 and started his career as a martial arts instructor in his twenties.

Source: TVB