Stephy Tang faces backlash over alleged snub during film promotion in Mainland

    Stephy Tang

    21st February 2024 – (Shanghai) Stephy Tang recently found herself embroiled in controversy during a promotional event for her leading role in the film “Table For Six 2” in mainland China. A segment of the online community expressed discontent after a video surfaced suggesting Tang failed to acknowledge her fans with a wave, an act that was perceived as haughty by some netizens.

    The video in question, widely circulated on social media, captures Tang emerging from her vehicle in an underground parking lot, dressed in a yellow ensemble with a white coat. Tang, who appeared to be following someone’s direction, did not offer a smile or wave to those present, which prompted speculation of diva-like behaviour.

    In the video, Tang is seen disembarking slowly and adjusting her attire before turning and walking away without any noticeable interaction with fans. The absence of a warm greeting sparked critical comments online, suggesting that the star was displaying arrogance.

    However, some netizens have come to Tang’s defence, suggesting that the incident might simply be a misunderstanding. They point out that the underground parking lot is not a typical spot for fan gatherings and that there were no fans waiting or cheering, implying that the person filming might not have been a genuine fan.

    Moreover, other footage from a promotional event at a shopping mall shows a stark contrast, with Tang in high spirits, waving enthusiastically and smiling at the audience throughout her appearance, which painted her in a much more approachable and friendly light.