Stephen Fung’s birthday tribute unveils vintage snapshot of Shu Qi at 50


    16th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Shu Qi, the renowned and sultry goddess of the silver screen, celebrates her 50th birthday today. As expected, her doting actor husband, Stephen Fung, showers her with birthday wishes on social media, openly expressing his love and admiration. However, what caught everyone by surprise was Fung’s decision to share an old, confidential photo of Shu Qi. The snapshot captures her in a bygone era, donning a brown top paired with a leather skirt. Her single braid is adorned with a golden hair accessory, and her face showcases a purple lip colour and a subtle lilac gaze, exuding a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the past. The overall look carries a hint of seductive allure, leading Shu Qi to respond with a clever comment: “The plan is already in motion…” Yet, some netizens couldn’t help but scrutinise the couple’s virtual display of affection, suggesting that their playful exchange may be a strategic move to captivate public attention.