Stephen Chow’s gesture of accepting Lunar New Year lai see from employees sparks online discussion


    15th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Stephen Chow, the renowned Hong Kong filmmaker, former actor, and comedian, has been under the spotlight since joining social media platforms in recent years. His every move and action on these platforms are closely watched, and he frequently delights his followers with amusing posts. However, a recent video he uploaded triggered a lively online discussion when it depicted a humorous incident involving his employees giving him “lai see” in Hong Kong.

    In the video, Chow is seen sitting with his back to the camera as his employees take turns entering the room to present him with red envelopes. However, one employee seizes the opportunity and intentionally refrains from offering an envelope, prompting Chow to humorously remark, “You handsome devil!” The scene was met with laughter and amusement by those present.

    The video quickly gained traction on social media, sparking various reactions among netizens. Some jokingly criticized Chow, suggesting that instead of giving out red envelopes during the Lunar New Year, he was on the receiving end. However, others came to Chow’s defence, explaining that this practice is a traditional custom among the Cantonese community. According to tradition, married individuals are expected to give red envelopes to those who are unmarried during the Lunar New Year festivities. Therefore, as an unmarried individual, Chow naturally receives red envelopes from his married colleagues. Upon learning about this cultural context, some netizens playfully commented, “So that’s why Stephen Chow remains unmarried!”