Stephen Chow surprises as guest voice in MC Jin’s new MV “Nobody,” recreating classic dialogues from “Out of the Dark”


    7th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) MC Jin, has recently made a comeback in the Hong Kong music scene and released his latest song “Nobody.” In the music video unveiled today, there was an unexpected guest appearance by Stephen Chow, who lent his voice to recreate the iconic dialogues from the film “Out of the Dark.” This nostalgic moment has sparked a wave of reminiscence among netizens.

    Stephen Chow himself also shared the music video on his social media, expressing his support and promoting the song. He stated, “We often look up to great people because they never underestimate themselves. It is often the ‘nobodies’ who bring the greatest surprises to the world. I hope this song can bring encouragement to all of us in the vast universe. Please try to catch the beat with MC Jin!”

    MC Jin, known for his rap in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, delivers a message in his lyrics about being true to oneself and how even if one may feel like a nobody, they can still become somebody.

    In fact, Stephen Chow had previously posted a photo of himself conversing with MC Jin on Instagram, accompanied by a caption that read, “When it comes to Hip Hop, I instantly become a nobody. But deep down, I have a strong mentality that transforms my insecurities and anxieties into mischievous and amusing rap verses. It left MC Jin amazed and puzzled. He even mentioned that the mindset of a ‘nobody’ touched his creative inspiration, leading to the speedy creation of a new song, which is rumoured to be released soon.”

    In addition, the music video for MC Jin’s latest song “Nobody” features various distinctive streets of Hong Kong, showcasing the city’s unique charm. The video also highlights the participation of individuals who may seem inconspicuous in society but have been striving diligently behind the scenes, such as a master tailor and a hairstylist in an old-fashioned barber shop.

    MC Jin’s multilingual rap, combined with the message of staying true to oneself, resonates with audiences as it emphasizes that even if one may feel like a nobody, they can still make a significant impact and become somebody.