Statutory holidays to increase from 12 to 17 days under the newly gazetted Employment (Amendment) Ordinance


16th July 2021 – (Hong Kong)  The Government published the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 (Amendment Ordinance) in the Gazette today.

The Amendment Ordinance seeks to increase progressively the number of statutory holidays (SHs) under the Employment Ordinance (EO) (Cap. 57), from the existing 12 days to 17 days, so that it will be on a par with the number of general holidays other than Sundays. The five additional SHs will be increased in the following sequence:

Newly added SHEffective date
1. The Birthday of the Buddha1st January, 2022
2. The first weekday after Christmas Day1st January, 2024
3. Easter Monday1st January, 2026
4. Good Friday1st January, 2028
5. The day following Good Friday1st January, 2030

 “Employers and employees are reminded that other provisions on SHs under the EO, including the arrangement for granting/taking of SHs, the eligibility for SH pay, the rate of SH pay, and the restrictions on pay in lieu of holiday will maintain,” a spokesman for the Labour Department said.