Stanley Ho’s third daughter reportedly agrees to wedding proposal by fireman boyfriend after dating for merely 7 months

    Florence Ho on Star Ferry.

    17th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The late casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s third daughter, Florinda Ho Chiu-wan recently reported that she had agreed to accept her boyfriend Douglas Wong’s wedding proposal.

    According to local media reports, although Douglas does not come from a prominent family, he has just been promoted to Chief Fire Officer at Fire Services Department with a monthly salary of at least HK$80,000, and with overtime allowances, his monthly salary could reach as high as HK$100,000. Both met each other through the personal fitness trainer of Ho more than half a year ago. The two quickly fell in love and have been dating for 7 months. They have met each other’s parents and lived together in a luxury home in just a few months.

    Douglas Wong

    Douglas also often takes Ho to visit the local attractions in the 18 districts of Hong Kong. They took the Star Ferry together at one time and visited the famous Yick Cheong Building in Quarry Bay.

    In 2011, TVB actor Joel Chan and Florinda Ho were repeatedly rumoured to be in a relationship but the two denied the news. Joel Chan also admitted that he had gone through divorce procedures with his ex-wife Ponny Yeung with whom he had been in a relationship for 10 years at the end of 2010. In the early morning of 14th August, 2011, Florinda Ho, the daughter of the late Stanley Ho, uploaded a photo on Weibo, officially publicising the relationship. In 2013, he and Florinda ended their two-year relationship.

    On 1st November, 2019, Chan married his out of industry girlfriend, Apple Ho, after dating for 5 years The two held a wedding banquet at the W Hotel in Hong Kong. On 14th February 2020, he announced on Instagram that his wife was pregnant. On 1st July of the same year, his wife gave birth to their 7.1-pound son, Jaco Chan, by caesarean section.