Standoff between riot police and protesters lasts till 2am in Mong Kok, Yoshinoya restaurant looted by 3 armed South Asian men


21st October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Rioters destroyed and vandalised many MTR stations, banks and shops. Petrol bombs were hurled at multiple locations causing fire to break out. Water cannon vehicles and armoured vehicles were used by riot police to commence clearance in various districts while indelible blue dye water cannons were deployed on multiple locations.

At around midnight yesterday, a riot police officer suddenly hurled a tear gas canister at around 20 reporters near Sino Centre in Mong Kok. A female reporter’s head was struck by the tear gas canister but luckily she didn’t sustain any injury as she was wearing protective headgear. At around 1am, there were still some protesters who gathered at the junction of Argyle Street and Nathan Road. Riot police warned protesters to disperse and both parties were in a standoff for a while before riot police left. However, they returned moments later and found only several protesters loitering at the area.

At around 2am today, protesters left Prince Edward MTR station and two civilians were seen cleaning the debris left behind by protesters.

Prince Edward MTR Station at 2am.
Two civilians cleaned the street in front of Prince Edward MTR Station.

At around 2am, fire alarm in Yoshinoya restaurant branch on Nathan Road went off. Firemen rushed to the scene and found 3 South Asian men armed with knives ransacking the restaurant. They managed to flee the scene before police were notified. Moments later, riot police arrived at the scene and sealed off the area. No one was arrested and it was unknown the total losses incurred as a result of the break-in.

Firemen arrived at Yoshinoya Restaurant after the fire alarm went off.