Standby Signal, No. 1 to remain in force in HK tonight, present signal may be replaced by Signal No.3 in Macau


11th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) According to Hong Kong Observatory The tropical depression will be closest to Hong Kong this evening and tonight, skirting at about 500 kilometres to the southwest of the territory. Locally, strong winds are expected over offshore waters and on the high ground overnight tonight. There will be occasional squally showers and swells. According to the present forecast track, this tropical depression is expected to make landfall over Hainan Island tomorrow morning. The Standby Signal, No. 1 will remain in force tonight.

Oliver Lee, Senior Science Officer of the Observatory, said that this is the first tropical cyclone warning issued this year. The signal No. 1 will be maintained tonight. The tropical cyclone over the South China Sea will move gradually in the general direction of Hainan Island to Beibu Wan in the next couple of days. It will be windier over the coast of Guangdong tomorrow. There will be squally showers over the weekend. With an anticyclone aloft strengthening gradually early to midweek next week, showers will ease off and it will be brighter over the region.

The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau in Macao also issued the No. 1 signal and blue storm surge warning at 4.30 pm. The present signal may be replaced by Signal No.3 according to the situation at night. The local winds will strengthen. At 16 L.T., T.D. is located about 510 km south of Macao and moves toward Hainan Island. The change of a No.8 signal being hoisted is low.