Standby Signal, No.1 to remain in force before 2pm today


4th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) According to the present forecast track, the tropical depression will make landfall in the vicinity of the coast of Huidong within the next few hours and will weaken gradually. The Standby Signal, No.1 is expected to remain in force before 2pm.

When the tropical depression no longer poses a threat to the territory, the Observatory will cancel all tropical cyclone warning signals.

The outer rainbands associated with the tropical depression will continue to bring squally heavy showers and thunderstorms to the coast of Guangdong today.

The tropical cyclone over the northeastern part of the South China Sea will edge closer to the east of the Pearl River Estuary today. Its associated heavy squally showers and thunderstorms will affect southern China in the next couple of days. With the tropical cyclone departing, showers will lessen over the region on Sunday and Monday. Another area of low pressure is expected to bring unsettled weather to the South China Sea early to midweek next week and may develop into a tropical cyclone, but there are uncertainties in its track and intensity.