Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2022 may be held on 12th February 2023, sources


20th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2022, originally scheduled to be held on 20th November, was cancelled by Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates (HKAAA) on Friday (16th). For the past few days, the Hong Kong government has complained that it does not understand HKAAA’s decision, and has repeatedly reiterated that it will cooperate and said that Victoria Park will be available in February next year.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that the marathon will be postponed to 12th February next year, but the number of participants is not yet determined. It is understood that HKAAA will announce the postponement decision later. HKAAA said on Friday that it had no choice but to cancel this year’s event because it had not received a notice of approval to hold the event.

Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kevin Yeung , said he was saddened over the news in a meeting with reporters on the same day HKAAA announced the cancellation. Yeung mentioned that he would ask his colleagues to understand the situation and provide assistance, emphasising that after receiving the relevant application, he would work hard to approve during the period.

Speaking to reporters before the Executive Council meeting today, the Chief Executive, John Lee also pointed out that the government’s position is clear, hoping to make sports events and conference events as convenient as possible. He was disappointed that the organiser made a decision without waiting for the government’s final reply during the discussions between the two parties. He also pointed out that the sports commissioner is discussing with the organiser, hoping that there may be room to arrange a new date.