STACEY KENT is coming to Hong Kong


Venue: Ocean Park, Applause Pavilion
Date: Monday, 24 Sep 2018
Time:  8:15pm


Stacey Kent in Hong Kong provides a rare chance to witness a gem as precious as this one.  Stacey Kent and her quartet provide a sound so seasoned and silky you will be spending an evening you wish would never end.

Stacey Kent will be joined by her partner and husband Jim Tomlinson  on sax, the great Graham Harvey on piano, Jeremy Brown on bass and Josh Morrison on drums.

Stacey Kent as a collaborative jazz singer

From her own Stacey Kent website:

Stacey Kent is a jazz singer in the mould of the greats, with a legion of fans worldwide, a host of honors and awards including a Grammy nomination, album sales in excess of 2 million, GoldDouble-Gold and Platinum-sellingalbums that have reached a series of No. 1 chart positions during the span of her career.

From her own website bio page:

“Stacey’s repertoire includes a growing number of songs written for her by Jim Tomlinson with various lyricists, most notably the Nobel Prize-winning author, Kazuo Ishiguro. The idea of singing original compositions came up during a lunch with Ishiguro. The conversation turned to music and repertoire and the idea was hatched to write a series of songs for Stacey that distilled themes of memory, travel and love, that so frequently surfaced in her repertoire. From this conversation, the songs for ‘Breakfast On The Morning Tram’ were conceived. Almost overnight, Stacey transformed from being a singer of the Great American Songbook, to a singer with a highly distinctive and personal repertoire. The first collaboration between Ishiguro, the lyricist, and Tomlinson, the composer, ‘The Ice Hotel’, won first prize in the International Songwriting Competition song. ”

Stacey Kent in an article in the UK’s Express about her battle with breast cancer in 2007.

“There is nothing I love more than being on stage and sharing music with people. That’s my job, my role, my place, my ticket on to the planet.”

Stacey Kent will be accompanied by an outstanding ensemble of musicians.

Jim Tomlinson – sax and flute

You would be excused for thinking you are listening to Stan Getz when you hear Jim Tomlinson play the sax.  Except there is something difficult to pinpoint that is a little more contemporary to Tomlinson’s sound.  Close your eyes on Close Your Eyes and you will be hear the smooth subtlety that is the sound of Jim Tomlinson.


Graham Harvey – piano

Graham Harvey style and sound provides a wonderful complement to Stacey Kent’s vocals and Jim Tomlinson’s sax.  Check out the sample video here  where Graham is performing with his own trio, illustrating his amazing Brazilian jazz hybrid sound.

Jeremy Brown – bass

JWLS presents Stacey Kent in Hong Kong

Jeremy Brown provides the solid foundation on which the whole band’s sound glides.  Jeremy studied at the Royal Academy of Music where he is now a professor of electric and acoustic jazz bass.

Josh Morrison – drums

The professional pilot and Australian jazz drummer who is Josh Morrison is a key contributor to an establishing family musical legacy, along with his trumpeter brother James Morrison.  Check out this video which features a Josh drum solo which demonstrates how adept Josh is on the latin samba style drumming. You might think you were at the Rio Carnivale and listening to a whole drum line.

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Venue: Ocean Park, Applause Pavilion
Date: Monday, 24 September 2018
Time: 8:15pm

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