St. Paul’s Secondary School reveals parents of couple who committed suicide sough help earlier

Sun Sing Centre

19th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Two teenage girls from Secondary 4 and Secondary 2 fell from the top of Sun Sing Centre, No. 8, San Sing Street, Shau Kei Wan at about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon (18th). Both died on the spot.

St. Paul’s Secondary School, where the two studied, responded to the incident this morning (19th), saying that the school immediately activated a “crisis management team” after learning the news. The school held a meeting last night, and discussed relevant follow-up with relevant experts from the Education Bureau. The school said that the head teachers and counsellors of each class will tell the students about the incident this morning, and the teachers, social workers and counsellors of the whole school will provide counselling to the students in each class to help the students to ease their emotions.

They have also sent a letter to respective parents to keep in touch. According to sources, the two deceased were suspected of being a couple. The school did not comment on their relationship, but revealed that the parents of the deceased victims contacted the school earlier for help after the face-to-face classes were resumed. The social worker in the school immediately followed up on the situation of the two students. All teachers and students in the school expressed grief over the tragic incident.