Speculation arises as Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang unfollows Tiffany Hsu on social media

    Rainie Yang (right) and Tiffany Hsu (left).

    29th May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang and actress Tiffany Hsu, who were known to be close friends in the industry, are now under speculation about the status of their relationship. The two talented artists first crossed paths as classmates at the renowned Hwa Kang Arts School, where they, along with the late artist Alien Huang, formed a tight-knit group known as the “Hwa Kang Gang.”

    Recently, observant netizens noticed that Rainie Yang had unfollowed Tiffany Hsu on her social media accounts, leading to widespread speculation about a potential fallout between the once inseparable friends. Rumours circulated suggesting that the strained friendship might be a result of Tiffany Hsu’s past relationship with Yang’s ex-boyfriend, Roy Chiu, who she eventually married. When questioned about their current relationship at a recent public event, Tiffany Hsu responded by saying, “I believe that matters between friends should remain private, and there is no need to disclose everything or bring them to public scrutiny.”

    Meanwhile, Rainie Yang faced criticism for her performance on the Chinese reality show “Singer 2024,” where she received negative reviews for off-pitch singing and forgetting lyrics, ultimately leading to her elimination. However, Tiffany Hsu came to her defence, praising Yang’s dedication and hard work as an actress and singer. She encouraged everyone to focus on the effort Yang puts into her craft, saying, “I have faith that she will find her balance, so let’s support her together.”