Speculation abounds as Hong Kong actor Louis Koo and mystery man seen shopping in Bangkok

    Louis Koo in Thailand

    5th March 2024 – (Hong Kong)  Louis Koo. At 53, the actor-turned-philanthropist has enjoyed a flourishing career, with his latest pilgrimage to Thailand adding a spiritual dimension to his multifaceted life.

    Sources close to Koo revealed that his success may have celestial connections, tracing back to the guidance of the late Chow Yam-nam, popularly known as Bak Lung-wong. The revered Thai Taoist and living saint was famed for his purported ability to bestow blessings that catapulted many to stardom in Hong Kong’s fiercely competitive entertainment industry. It is said that Koo’s tan, a result of his sun-kissed rituals, has been instrumental in his fortunes.

    Koo’s spiritual practices include venerating the Four-faced Buddha, a highly revered deity in Thai culture. On the 25th of last month, during the Lantern Festival, Koo was spotted by netizens offering his prayers at the famous Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. The actor could be seen kneeling earnestly before the altar, surrounded by a multitude of offerings, including four golden elephants inscribed with his name, a gesture of gratitude for divine grace. The cost of each elephant, a whopping 60,000 Thai Baht (approximately HK$13,100), underscores Koo’s devout nature.

    After fulfilling his religious observances, Koo stayed in Bangkok for several days. He was encountered dining in a restaurant, where he displayed his characteristic affability and approachability. Moreover, on another occasion, Koo was seen shopping across from the Erawan Shrine in an all-black ensemble that exuded trendy sophistication. A netizen described the chance meeting: “As we went up the escalator, my friend exclaimed, ‘It’s Louis Koo!’ He passed by us on the down escalator. We resisted the urge to follow him into club21, reasoning that we were too mature for star-chasing. He’s tall and imposing, yet even with a mask, undeniably handsome.”

    Koo’s companion during the shopping trip, a mysterious man, has piqued the curiosity of fans and onlookers. Photographs captured only the man’s back, leading to widespread speculation online. Some suspect he is an employee of Thailand’s One Cool Group, while others believe he might be the celebrity geomancer ‘Master Miu’. This elusive Feng Shui master, known for his discreet and exclusive practice, only accepts clients through personal referrals, making an audience with him a rare privilege.