“Spectrum of the Seas” cruise finally sets sail from the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal today


14th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line “Spectrum of the Seas” which was originally scheduled to resume voyage at the end of July, has been delayed 3 times. The cruise company announced today (14th) that “Spectrum of the Seas” finally set sail from the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal today in a 2-4 night voyage. The company stated that the number of reservations for the first voyage to the sea today has reached the upper limit permitted by the government. It also said that the high seas voyage has received an overwhelming response and that it has increased the frequency of cruise trips until January next year.

The cruise company said that the “Spectrum of the Seas” has more than 1,300 crew members from all over the world who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and can accommodate more than 5,600 passengers. The ship has about 2,000 rooms and large-scale dining and entertainment facilities.