Special traffic and transport arrangements for celebration events for HKSAR 25th anniversary and flag raising ceremony in Wan Chai North


28th June 2022 – (Hong Kong)   The Transport Department (TD) today reminded the public that special traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented in the vicinity of Wan Chai North until 1st July to facilitate the holding of celebration events for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the flag raising ceremony in Wan Chai North.

  In connection with the road closures to be implemented in the vicinity of Wan Chai North, including the temporary suspension of the bus termini at the Exhibition Centre Station Public Transport Interchange and Expo Drive East, on the said dates, a total of 23 bus routes terminating at Wan Chai North and 30 passing bus routes will be diverted or truncated as appropriate. Also, Exhibition Centre Station of the East Rail Line will be temporarily closed on June 30 and July 1. Public transport operators will display notices on-site and relevant information on their websites and mobile applications to inform passengers of the temporary arrangements.

The TD anticipates that congestion may occur in the affected areas and major roads in the vicinity, such as Gloucester Road, Hennessy Road, Marsh Road, Victoria Park Road, Tonnochy Road, Fleming Road, Canal Road flyover, Harcourt Road, Connaught Road Central, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and the Aberdeen Tunnel. Members of the public are advised to plan their journeys early and use alternative travelling routes to avoid unexpected delay. As for the commuting public, especially those taking public buses to Wan Chai areas, they are advised to pay attention to the arrangements of route diversions or truncation and the changes to the bus stop locations.

Other ad-hoc traffic and public transport measures, including adjusting the extent of road closure, traffic diversion and alteration and suspension of public transport services may be implemented by the Police at short notice depending on the actual traffic conditions. Taxis and public light buses going to the Wan Chai LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Filling Station at Marsh Road for refuelling are advised to take note of the road closure and the latest arrangements implemented in the areas. The TD and the Police will closely monitor the traffic situation and implement appropriate measures whenever necessary.

 For details on the special traffic and transport arrangements, members of the public can browse the TD’s website (www.td.gov.hk) or mobile application “HKeMobility”.