SPCA hosts “Seaside Pet Chill Christmas Carnival” at HarbourChill in Wan Chai from 16th to 26th December to promote pet inclusivity


10th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is organising the “Seaside Pet Chill Christmas Carnival” at HarbourChill in Wan Chai from 16th to 26th December. Spanning nearly 3,000 square meters, this pet-friendly Christmas carnival is one of the largest in Hong Kong, featuring over 40 stalls offering delectable food, wine, and lifestyle products. Pet owners can also enjoy a dedicated dog agility area and explore a diverse selection of pet product stalls. The carnival boasts picturesque Instagrammable spots, including an 8-meter-tall Christmas tree and a 1.8-meter large crystal ball, set against the backdrop of the renowned Hong Kong skyline. The event aims to foster the festive spirit while supporting homeless animals.

All proceeds from the carnival, after cost deduction, will be allocated towards the medical and daily expenses of animals in need under the care of the SPCA.

Event Details:

  • Event Name: Seaside Pet Chill Christmas Carnival
  • Location: HarbourChill, Wan Chai (Next to the Wan Chai pier)
  • Date: 16th – 26th December, 2023
  • Time:
    • 16th – 23rd December:
      • Monday to Thursday: 6pm – 9pm
      • Friday to Sunday: 12pm – 9pm
    • 24th a& 25th December: 12pm – 12am
    • 26th December: 12pm – 9pm
  • Tickets: Free admission

To enhance the festive experience, the Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission have created a series of enchanting photo spots. The centerpiece is an impressive 8-meter-tall Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights and a dazzling star atop its branches. Adjacent to the tree, visitors will find a colossal 1.8-meter large snow globe. Stepping inside the snow globe transports visitors to a meticulously crafted Christmas village, complete with enchanting snow effects, evoking a sense of wonder and magic. The carnival also features various sparkling Christmas installations, including whimsical squirrels, a cozy Christmas bonfire, and charming Christmas trees, all providing ideal backdrops for capturing cherished memories. Crafted from natural wooden materials, these decorative structures infuse the surroundings with romance and enchantment. Against the backdrop of the shimmering stars and the breathtaking night view of the Victoria Harbour coastline, the ambience becomes truly captivating.

The SPCA has curated over 40 stalls into five distinct areas, each offering a delightful and unique experience. The “Tasty & Yummy Area” presents an extensive selection of dishes from diverse regions, including tantalizing options such as “sushi pizza” from Kokon2, tacos from Start on Snack Shop, traditional British snacks from LondonTown, skewers from Satay Pop, and Taiwanese pepper cakes and fried chicken from Xiao Taipei. In the “Tipsy Area,” visitors can indulge in enticing special cocktails and craft beer, including Orion Hong Kong’s limited edition craft beer. The “Festive Shopping” area showcases a wide range of handicrafts and brands, offering whimsical decorations and handcrafted treasures. The SPCA stall also offers exclusive merchandise for donations, including custom animal graphic T-shirts and a set of dog collar, leash, and a foldable pet bowl. Visitors can also support the local arts project FOR THE LOVE OF DOG. by donating and receiving a collection of limited-edition charity Christmas cards. Additionally, Mohiguide offers an exclusive 50% discount on their “Pet ID Card.”