Spanish runner Mohamed Katir admits anti-doping violation, receives two-year ban

Mohamed Katir

17th February 2024 – (Monaco)

Spanish middle-distance runner Mohamed Katir has acknowledged an anti-doping violation due to three whereabouts failures and has consequently been handed a two-year ban. This suspension will prevent him from participating in the highly anticipated Paris Olympics later this year, as well as the 2025 world championships in Tokyo.

Katir, 25, holds the world record in the indoor 3,000 meters and the European record in the outdoor 5,000 meters. He achieved silver in the 5,000 meters at the world athletics championships held in Budapest last year, and a year prior, he secured bronze in the 1,500 meters at the championships in Eugene, Oregon.

On 7th February, Katir initially revealed his provisional suspension and expressed his intention to appeal the ban. However, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced on Friday that he had subsequently signed an admission of violation and acceptance of consequences form earlier this week.

The violations pertain to three instances in 2023 where Katir failed to provide accurate whereabouts information. Specifically, he missed the required updates on February 28, April 3, and October 10. As a result, Katir’s two-year period of ineligibility will extend until February 6, 2026.

Brett Clothier, the head of the AIU, emphasized the significance of accurate whereabouts information in maintaining the integrity of anti-doping efforts. He stated in a release, “Without accurate Whereabouts information, anti-doping organisations cannot properly execute no-notice, Out-of-Competition testing that is the key to catching anyone who is doping and trying to gain an unfair advantage.”