South Korean social media influencer recently married his 65-year-old girlfriend who turns out to be 73 years old


5th December 2020 – (Seoul) A male social media influencer in South Korea recently announced that he has officially married his 65-year-old girlfriend and he has shared their love in their married life on their YouTube channel “다정한부부 a loving couple”. Just as the fans were sending their blessings, he suddenly revealed in a live broadcast that the actual age of his wife was 73 years old, and apologised to everyone!

The age difference did not prevent the two parties from having a good relationship. The two fell in love at first sight and soon became lovers. Afterwards, he made a video about the love story of the two and shared it on the Internet, which attracted a lot of attention. However, he publicly apologised in the live broadcast recently, saying that his wife had already concealed her actual age at the beginning of the relationship, and she was actually 73 years old.