South Korean girl group NewJeans creates official anthem for League of Legends World Championship


    28th September 2023 – (Seoul) South Korean girl group NewJeans has added another milestone to their successful career by recording the official anthem for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. Comprised of members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, the group ventured into a “new genre” with the song titled “Gods.” The anthem was written by Riot Games’ principal composer Sebastien Najand and Mako’s Alex Seaver.

    The members of NewJeans expressed their excitement about exploring a different musical style and sound. They stated, “It was fun to try a new genre and sound. Through this collaboration, we are happy to present a song that incorporates both NewJeans’ and League of Legends’ unique colors. We hope it brings you a new sense of empowerment!”

    Accompanying the anthem, an animated video will be released on October 4th, adding a visual element to the captivating song. The League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to take place in South Korea next month, making the collaboration even more significant for NewJeans.

    Carrie Dun, the global head of creative esports at Riot Games, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Between Worlds taking place in Korea and NewJeans’ meteoric rise, this partnership felt fated as a true cultural celebration. We think Gods will set the stage for what’s bound to be an incredible Worlds.”

    NewJeans joins the ranks of renowned artists such as Lil Nas X, Imagine Dragons, and Against The Current who have previously released official soundtracks for League of Legends events. Their involvement solidifies their position as a prominent and influential group in the music industry.