South Asian vendors sell unhygienic street food in Mongkok during Chinese New Year

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Most of the street vendors on Portland Street, Mongkok during Chinese New Year were made up of South Asians. They occupied popular spots by force and collected exorbitant rents from other local vendors.

Marinated meat was not frozen for long period before being cooked. Picture credit :

Reporters from managed to capture on camera raw meat used for skewers was scattered on the road behind a truck. The hygiene level was appalling as these South Asians even used walk-up apartment units to prepare for food.

Marinated meat was seen being picked up from the road and re-used for cooking. Picture credit :
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Each skewer was sold for HK$10 or 4 skewers for HK$20. Many people were seen attracted by the low price and did not bother with the cleanliness.

Meat skewers were being sold at HK$10 each. Picture credit :

Most of the marinated meat used to make Doner kebab or skewers was not properly frozen. Many South Asian food vendors were seen preparing food ingredients and cutting vegetables by the road side. Reporters witnessed some of them even picking up raw meat from the road.

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department should really look into regulating street food especially during Chinese New Year to prevent food poisoning cases amongst unwary consumers.