South Asian courier arrested for driving a vehicle under suspension order


22nd January 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 1 o’clock this afternoon (22nd), police officers were patrolling near Hong Kong Police Force Vehicle Examination Centre – Tai Lam Chung and found a South Asian man driving a suspicious Volkswagen car. An officer noticed that the characteristics of the private car’s body were consistent with a private car that had been issued a “Suspension of Vehicle Licence Order” by a vehicle inspector earlier due to serious mechanical problems, so they started to tail the vehicle.

The private car turned to Castle Peak Road along Tuen Mun Road and headed towards Kowloon. When it reached the opposite side of Chung Uk Estate, the police officers immediately stopped the car for investigation.

After investigation, the police arrested the 23-year-old South Asian on suspicion of “dangerous driving” and “driving an unlicensed vehicle”. He reported to work as a courier. He later passed a police breathalyser test and a rapid oral fluid drug test.