Sotheby’s sets to auction off fugitive billionaire Joseph Lau’s largest collection of Hermès women’s handbags in Asia


27th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) Sotheby’s Handbags & Accessories announced today that it is delighted to present the largest single-owner handbag online auction in Asia — The Art of Collecting Handbags: The Visionary Collection of Joseph Lau. The online auction will be held from 30th January to 9th February 2023.

Part I of the sale features a selection of 77 Hermes handbags that Mr. Joseph Lau has curated and assembled over the past two decades. From the extremely rare bronze metallic Kelly, to the 6 diamond Birkins in different color and sizes, limited edition pieces that have made and shaped the history of handbags can all be found in this collection.

Part of the sale proceeds from this auction will be donated to charity.

Fugitive tycoon Joseph Lau is also an avid collector of art and he once said that many of his former girlfriends continued to ask for handbags from him even though they were married.

The former chairman of property developer Chinese Estates was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Lui Lai-kwan together with 3 bodyguard in Windsor House in Causeway Bay recently.  Lau issued a statement and even held a press conference to clarify over the incident. According to Lau, Lui recently reached out to Lau for help due to financial difficulties, Lau concluded a business agreement with Lui in order not to affect the relationship with their children. Lau bought a 1,363sqf apartment on the top floor of One Wanchai, 1 Wan Chai from his ex-girlfriend Lui for HK$40 million to help settle her debts. The purchase price was nearly 16% lower than the estimated price of the unit. The sale and purchase agreement between the two parties was concluded on 21st December last year. It is understood that Lau purchased the relevant unit as a first home and he only had to pay a stamp duty at 4.25% of the property value.