Son in Taiwan fatally stabs parents in a dispute over television control


12th April 2024 – (Taichung City) S 36-year-old man identified as Mr. Hsu stands accused of brutally attacking his parents in their home in the Beitun District of Taichung City. The motive behind this shocking act appears to be a heated argument over television control. Gripped by anger, the son resorted to wielding a fruit knife, inflicting fatal wounds upon his parents.

According to local media reports, Mr. Hsu’s violent outburst stemmed from his frustration with his 68-year-old mother’s inability to operate the television remote control. The confrontation escalated, leading to a tragic outcome. Authorities revealed that the mother suffered severe wounds from multiple knife strikes and succumbed to her injuries before emergency services arrived. The father, who bravely tried to intervene and protect his wife, sustained serious injuries to his head and hands. The assailant himself also suffered wounds on his right hand during the assault.

The incident unfolded late on the night of 10th April at a residence on Chongde 6th Road in the Beitun District. Upon receiving the distress call, police and firefighting units rushed to the scene. The family members were promptly transported to a nearby medical facility for urgent treatment. Despite the efforts of the medical team, the mother’s injuries proved fatal, leaving the family devastated.