Some Scoot passengers arrive in Xi’an from Singapore without luggage due to weather conditions


16th September 2023 – (Singapore) Some passengers traveling on Scoot’s Singapore-Xi’an flight faced an unexpected inconvenience on Friday as their luggage was removed from the aircraft due to adverse weather conditions. Flight TR134 departed from Singapore’s Changi Airport with a delay of approximately 35 minutes on Thursday evening.

In response to queries from CNA, Scoot explained that the offloading of baggage was necessary due to unusually strong headwinds that affected the aircraft’s performance before its scheduled departure at 7.10 pm. Affected passengers were informed upon their arrival in Xi’an around 1.30 am on Friday.

Scoot, which is Singapore Airlines’ low-cost subsidiary, assured that re-accommodating baggage due to extreme weather is a rare occurrence. The airline stated that the affected luggage would be transported on the next TR134 flight, departing from Singapore at 7.10 pm on Saturday and arriving in Xi’an at 12.35 am on Sunday.

Although Scoot did not disclose the exact number of affected passengers, they confirmed that arrangements were made to deliver the baggage to their respective accommodations. The airline expressed sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to their customers and emphasized their commitment to assisting the affected passengers.

This incident bears similarities to previous occurrences involving other airlines. Last September, Air New Zealand’s inaugural flight from New York to Auckland experienced a similar issue, leaving dozens of bags behind in the United States due to adverse weather conditions. Air New Zealand issued an apology, explaining that the bags were not loaded to allow for additional fuel required for the long-haul flight.

Likewise, in December, a Jetstar flight from Perth to Bali had to leave some checked bags behind due to thunderstorms in the Bali area. The airline stated that carrying extra fuel for potential diversions to alternate airports necessitated the decision.

In May 2022, Qantas passengers on a Darwin-London flight also faced a situation where their luggage was left behind upon arrival. This was due to weight restrictions caused by runway works in Australia.