Some protesters allegedly escape via underground tunnel from Polytechnic University, firemen deployed


23rd November 2019 – (Hong Kong) As the siege at Hong Kong Polytechnic University continues for almost a week, at least 60 protesters are still reluctant to leave the campus to surrender to police. At around 2am today, many firemen and paramedics entered into the car park of Li Ka Shing Building to check on a manhole as it was reported that some protesters were trapped inside the underground tunnel. Some clothes and 4 bags were left near the manhole. A roll of cling wrap film was also found. There were also some tools used to open the manhole.

Firemen searched the manhole for over 30 minutes but to no avail. Another group of firemen then check another manhole on Hong Chong Road towards TST East but they also found nothing. One police officer then placed a water-filled barricade on top of the manhole cover to prevent someone from escaping.