Social media influencer Kelly Lau stirs online frenzy with daring suggestive posts

    Kelly Lau

    26th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Kelly Lau, a social media influencer famously dubbed as “Hong Kong’s Lin Chi-ling”, has captured the attention of digital audiences with her striking resemblance to Taiwan’s celebrated supermodel. Lau’s recent boundary-pushing photographs on Instagram have sparked a sensation, elevating her status in the realm of online influencers.

    At the age of 30, Lau has not only established a significant following but has also been subject to controversy and discussion, particularly after a series of suggestive posts that challenged social decorum. Her photographic ventures, which include a photobook released in 2021 and a series of provocative images shared on social platforms, have been pivotal in shaping her public persona.

    Lau’s latest visual offering on Instagram, which includes a risqué bedroom shot and a video featuring her engaging in a bubble bath, has once again set the internet abuzz. The posts, laden with innuendo, prompted Lau to coyly inquire of her followers whether they would join her to watch the sunrise. Her confident display of physique in the said photographs has not only showcased her confidence but also a masterful play on allure and suggestion.

    The images, which subtly tread the line of exposure, feature Lau in a state of undress, hinting at nudity while carefully averting explicit revelation. Additionally, clad in a white swimsuit surrounded by a froth of bubbles, Lau’s figure drew scores of admiring comments, further cementing her as a subject of online adoration.