Social media influencer Joseph Lam Chok’s distressed appearance revealed after arrest, spotted with mother in Central as vehicle receives traffic summons

    Joseph Lam

    21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent turn of events, social media influencer Joseph Lam Chok, has been arrested in connection with the JPEX case. After being detained at the Central Police Station for two days and nights, Lam Chok made a discreet exit from the facility last night (19th), presumably to evade the media gathered at the main entrance. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Hiromi Wada, the couple employed evasive tactics, with Lam Chok covering his face and crouching to avoid the camera lenses. This stark contrast to his usual flamboyant and attention-seeking style has left many surprised. Lam Chok has been a frequent topic of discussion in the past.

    Today, the media captured the first glimpse of Lam Chok in Central after the overnight investigation. He appeared to still be visibly affected by the ordeal, wearing a troubled expression. During this time, his vehicle was also reportedly issued a traffic summons, which he silently removed from the windshield. When questioned about the arrest, Lam Chok deviated from his usual behaviour and chose not to respond. He, along with his mother, Queenie Wong Lai-nee, who was also wearing a mask, and a male companion, quietly boarded the vehicle and departed.

    Reports also indicate that Wada left Lam Chok’s residence on Macdonnell Road in Mid-Levels this morning and headed to Pacific Place in Admiralty. Despite her boyfriend’s entrepreneurial setback, Wada expressed that she does not consider it a significant setback and emphasized that life is full of ups and downs, and not everyone experiences smooth sailing. She further mentioned that Lam Chok’s mental state is currently stable. When asked if she is worried about Lam Chok going to jail, Wada stated that he is only providing his statement at the moment and they will make further plans when the formal charges are brought.