Social media influencer ‘Dragon Heart’ surprised by ICAC arrest on fraud charges upon returning to HK for boxing match organised by Derek Cheung

    Lam Hak-lam

    2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Lam Hak-lam, better known as Dragon Heart, a social media influencer who has been residing in the United Kingdom, was arrested upon his return to Hong Kong last month. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has charged him with two offences, alleging that he made false claims in his election declaration form during his candidacy for the Legislative Council in 2020. It is alleged that Lam falsely declared expenses of over HK$30,000 for facial treatments, aiming to deceive and induce the Electoral Affairs Commission to provide him with financial compensation. The case is scheduled for further hearing in November, and Lam has been released on bail pending trial.

    The arrest comes at a critical time as Lam Hak-lam was set to participate in the highly anticipated boxing match organised by Derek Cheung against the infamous  Carriage Lau – who was recently sentenced to five months in prison for indecent assault on a minor. The official announcement of the match was made by Cheung during a press conference held today (2nd October).

    When questioned by the media about his legal situation, Lam Hak-lam, maintaining his fighter spirit, responded, “If they want to press charges, then let them. Hong Kong’s legal system is meticulous, and it is only fair to handle matters impartially. (Are you concerned about not being able to leave Hong Kong to participate in this boxing match?) This time it’s indeed a setback. I made a great sacrifice for this. I never anticipated this issue when I decided to return.” He further expressed the pressure he is facing, stating, “Of course, there is pressure. As soon as I returned, I was taken into custody. I truly didn’t expect it. I don’t even know why they confiscated my identification documents. I have no control over it.”

    The 46-year-old Lam Hak-lam is now facing charges under Section 20 of the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance for knowingly making false or misleading statements in his election declaration form. Additionally, he is charged with attempted fraud, violating Section 16A of the Theft Ordinance, and Section 159G of the Crimes Ordinance. Lam submitted his nomination form to the Electoral Affairs Commission on July 18, 2020, with the intention of running in the Legislative Council by-elections for the New Territories East geographical constituency. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the elections, originally scheduled for September 6 of the same year, were postponed for a year.