Social experiment shows most citizens can’t accept men wearing yoga pants in Hong Kong


5th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) There is constant controversy over women wearing yoga trousers out on the street, but the public is slowly getting used to it. Earlier, netizens expressed that it was not appropriate to wear such tight and form-fitting clothing. Many tend to think that the pants are ugly and indecent as the outline of the woman’s underwear can be seen through their thin fabric. A lot of netizens often assume that the wearer is low-class or promiscuous.

However, what if men wear the same yoga trousers?

Some Hong Kong men tried yoga trousers and walked on the streets, attracting the attention of many men and women. It shows that most can’t accept men wearing tight yoga trousers.

A fitness coach Alvin was recruited by Hoy TV recently to conduct a social experiment by wearing yoga trousers. He even interviewed passers-by for their opinions. Some said that, “It’s disgusting, the lower body can be seen protruding out, men should add an additional pair of short pants to cover their private parts.”, “It’s disgusting, it’s so indecent, it looks a little uncomfortable”; some people think that “it’s a bit strange for a man to reveal his private parts in public, and it will attract more attention. “However, some said that there is nothing wrong with it in modern society.”