Smoke incident at MTR Sheung Wan Station disrupts train service


25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A smoke-emitting portable fan caused temporary chaos at MTR Sheung Wan Station yesterday. At approximately 6.47pm, as a train bound for Chai Wan was pulling into the station, smoke began to billow from a discarded battery unit belonging to a portable fan found on the train floor.

The train staff responded promptly to the emergency call made by a passenger at 6.41pm, which alerted the driver to contact the train operations control centre. The staff managed to extinguish the smoke using a fire extinguisher and immediately alerted the police and fire services as a precaution.

Visuals from the scene showed the train car and platform enveloped in smoke, causing alarm among passengers with some questioning, “What’s happening?” Both Sheung Wan and Central stations experienced significant delays, with crowds of commuters stranded on platforms.

The MTR Corporation, in a statement, explained that after the initial emergency response, passengers were advised to disembark at Sheung Wan station and transfer to the next train to continue their journeys. The affected train was sent back to the depot in Chai Wan for further inspection. Authorities confirmed that there were no injuries, and the situation was brought under control within minutes, allowing for the resumption of normal services on the Island Line shortly after.

Further, the MTR Corporation advised that in such events, passengers should not hesitate to use the emergency intercoms available in each carriage to alert the driver. Carriages are equipped with fire extinguishers and emergency ventilation systems designed to ensure passenger safety in emergencies.