Smithfield area in Kennedy Town hit by burst water pipe, damaging bank glass and ATMs


24th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At around 12pm today, a burst water pipe at the intersection of Smithfield Road and Belcher’s Street in Kennedy Town sent water gushing into the air, creating a towering fountain-like spectacle. Eyewitness photos and videos circulating online depict a powerful jet of water reaching approximately 3 meters high, flooding nearby pedestrian walkways and roads. The ground became littered with debris and stones, prompting the police to close off the area and redirect pedestrians and vehicles.

The forceful surge of water also struck a bank located at the corner of the adjacent building, resulting in shattered glass and damage to the bank’s ATMs and deposit machines. Nanyang Commercial Bank responded promptly to the incident, assuring the public that customer safety was their top priority. During the occurrence, some customers were present inside the Kennedy Town branch and were advised to remain indoors. The bank continued to provide full services throughout the day and confirmed that normal operations would resume tomorrow.