Small group of protesters gather in Central, Cheung Sha Wan and San Po Kong to participate in ‘Lunch with you’ rally

Overhead pedestrian bridge on Connaught Road, Central.

10th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Protesters participated in a ‘Lunch with you’ rally on the overhead pedestrian bridge on Connaught Road in Central, Cheung Sha Wan and San Po Kong at around 1pm today.

Since 12.5pm, around 70 protesters stood on the overhead pedestrian footbridge connecting Worldwide House and IFC. They held placards and shouted anti-government slogans. Meanwhile, some protesters vandalised pictures of Carrie Lam, Chief Commissioner of Police, Chris Tang, Secretary for Security, John Lee, Secretary for Justice, Teresa Cheng and President Xi Xingping etc.

Several riot police officers were patrolling the overhead pedestrian bridge in Central.

Cheung Sha Wan.