Slovak interior minister confirms attempted murder charge in Robert Fico shooting

Robert Fico

16th May 2024 – (Bratislava) The Slovak interior minister has officially announced that the suspect accused of shooting Robert Fico, the former prime minister, has been charged with attempted murder. During a press conference held by the Slovak security council, the minister stated that the attack on Mr Fico’s life was “politically motivated.”

Providing details about the suspect, believed to be a 71-year-old individual, the minister described them as a “lone wolf” with no affiliation to any political party but with a history of participating in anti-government protests.

In an update on Mr Fico’s condition, Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak expressed that the prime minister “is not out of the woods yet” as he continues to recover in the hospital. Kalinak highlighted the seriousness of the injuries sustained by Mr Fico, indicating that the extent of the damage poses significant challenges for his recovery in the coming days.

Describing the assassination attempt as “premeditated,” Kalinak condemned the act that targeted the former prime minister.

Newly released images show a tree outside the House of Culture in Handlova, where the shooting occurred. The photographs reveal a bullet hole in the tree, providing a stark reminder of the violent incident that took place after Mr Fico emerged from a meeting and was greeted by a crowd. It was during this encounter that an individual from the crowd reportedly pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at the former prime minister.